Suntrust Ecotown Developers, Inc. is the developer  of  Suntrust  Ecotown  Tanza , initially  a  160-hectare property in Tanza, Cavite. The project will be an  environment   friendly   Ecozone    Township  integrating residential, commercial, institutional development  within
or  adjoining    the   light-medium  industrial   zone.  The entire  township project  is intended to cover a total land 
area  of around 350 hectares.  The industrial zone which 
will  initially  cover  111 hectares  is  duly-registered with
the   Philippine   Economic  Zone  Authority   pursuant  to Presidential Proclamation No. 226

Philippine Economic Zone Authority (PEZA) Incentives

In general, enterprises located in ecozones are entitled to incentives that include:

An Income Tax Holiday (ITH)  of  4 years  for non-pioneer projects and 6 years 
      for  pioneer  projects.  Extension  years  can  also  be   granted   provided  the
      company meets certain criteria.
After the ITH expires, a 5% Special Tax  on Gross Income  and exemption from
     all local and national taxes is applicable.
Zero  taxes  and  duties in  the importation of capital equipment, raw materials,
     machineries, and spare parts. An exemption on wharfage duties and export tax
     is applicable as well.
Zero VAT on local purchases and an exemption for all local government imposts,
     fees, licenses, or taxes.
Zero expanded withholding tax.
Non-fiscal incentives such as simplified  import-export procedures,  employment 
     of non-resident foreign nationals,  special visas  for foreign employees in certain
     positions, and more.

Philippine Industrial Estate Association (PHILEA)

Industrial   park   developments   accredited   by   the  Philippine  Industrial  Estate Association  (PHILEA)  are  assured  to  be world-class industrial estates. Industrial estates, including the  SUNTRUST ECOTOWN TANZA, managed by PHILEA-member companies  are assured  to be masterfully planned and located in key development areas in the Philippines.

Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC)

Securing from  deceit, misrepresentations, and other fraud in the sale of securities, upon  SEDI's  registration  to  SEC  the  public  can be assured of the legality of the corporation and its financial stability.

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